What goes on

Here I present some indications of what I'm up to and have done at other times.

These include . . - biography - back-catalogue published books, published articles - journal reflections and arbitrary found odds & ends - working notes - on a whole bunch of stuff - blogging - just occasionally

Work under way can be seen in these wikis below, in various stages of disarray and incompeteness. They open in a fresh tab . .

# Wikis by this writer . . **Mike Hales wikis** - Personal material and basic resources [mh.federated.wiki](http://mh.federated.wiki) [mhresources.federated.wiki](http://mhresources.federated.wiki) [pattern.resources.federated.wiki](http://pattern.resources.federated.wiki)

Main **current work** (2021) . . - Developing `commons.hour` at meet.coop. A venue for multistakeholder stewarding of that digital infrastructure coop. Not presented in a wiki yet. But A draft handbook might be mirrored here: [http://handbooktrial.federated.wiki](http://handbooktrial.federated.wiki)

Less urgent, more long-term . . - A college of conviviality, in response to the work and vision of economist Robin Murray [From economics to organising](http://e2o.federated.wiki) - A pattern language of activist life - the foundation of the college's architecture [foprop pattern language](mh.patterns.federated.wiki) - An assemblage of all below . . amounting to *Living thinkwork vol 2* [Paths of skill](http://skill.federated.wiki)

**foprop projects** - foprop = forces of production, relations of production. A basic frame - a 'weave' - for all the work here on pattern language of activist life, commoning and making the living economy [foprop.federated.wiki](http://foprop.federated.wiki) [1-economy.federated.wiki](http://1-economy.federated.wiki) [2-pattern.federated.wiki](http://2-pattern.federated.wiki) [lowimpactcommoning.federated.wiki](http://lowimpactcommoning.federated.wiki) [3-platforming.federated.wiki](http://3-platforming.federated.wiki) [4-history.federated.wiki](http://4-history.federated.wiki) [5-walking.federated.wiki](http://5-walking.federated.wiki)

**Living economy, dual power** - the pivotal importance of 'the mutual sector' in economic transformation [foprop.federated.wiki](http://foprop.federated.wiki) [1-economy.federated.wiki](http://1-economy.federated.wiki) [mh-mutualsector.federated.wiki](http://mh-mutualsector.federated.wiki) [pivotal-mutual.federated.wiki](http://pivotal-mutual.federated.wiki) [dance.proto.institute](http://dance.proto.institute)

**Formacion, college of conviviality** - the making of the cultural and economic formations, which may be capable of making the living economy. This includes a college of conviviality, comprising a cluster of coops. Also includes the DisCO model of coop organisation [formaciontalk.federated.wiki](http://formaciontalk.federated.wiki) [conviv-cluster.federated.wiki](http://conviv-cluster.federated.wiki) [mhopen2020.federated.wiki](http://mhopen2020.federated.wiki) [mh.patterns.federated.wiki](http://mh.patterns.federated.wiki)

**Heart-mind, structures of feeling** - xxx [http://carework.federated.wiki] [http://skill.federated.wiki] [http://limitless.federated.wiki] [http://mhkeywords.federated.wiki]

**Platforming, infrastructuring, shared learning space, digital commons, toolstack** -infrastructuring for formacion. Including digital means - [An engine for commons production](http://engine.federated.wiki) - [Infrastructuring the living economy](http://infra.federated.wiki) - A dialogue between a 'Robinista' perspective on making the living economy, and the DisCO frame of coop governance - [Platform tools & making the living economy (Open2020)](http://mhopen2020.federated.wiki) - [Dancing the living economy](http://dance.proto.institute) - The centrality of 'dance' schemas in foprop

- [Shared leaning space - meet.coop community programme 2021](learnspace.federated.wiki) - [Digital infrastructure](digital-infrastr.federated.wiki) - Emergent digital infrastructure and its governance as a commons - [Learning space and toolstack](http://learnstack.federated.wiki) - [wiki for collaborators](http://viralwiki.federated.wiki) - Features that might make wiki viral, when the secret gets out

**Pattern language(ing)** - xxx [pattern resources](http://pattern.resources.federated.wiki) [Pattern language(ing) methodology](http://patternwork.federated.wiki dance.proto.institute) [Pattern language of activist life](http://mh.patterns.federated.wiki)

The wikis below are mostly resources and examples . .

# Wikis mostly by others . . . **Pattern language** - the production and mobilising of pattern language is fundamental to all the above. Here are some models of pattern language, and some other resources [pattern.resources.federated.wiki](http://pattern.resources.federated.wiki) [garden.asia.wiki.org](http://garden.asia.wiki.org) [house.asia.wiki.org](http://house.asia.wiki.org) [makecommoningwork.federated.wiki](http://makecommoningwork.federated.wiki) [jon.federated.wiki](http://jon.federated.wiki) [npl.wiki](http://npl.wiki) [tree.tries.fed.wiki](http://tree.tries.fed.wiki)

**Facilitation, group practice** - facilitative practice is fundamental, and a deep skil. Here is a wiki [tree.tries.fed.wiki](http://tree.tries.fed.wiki)

**How-to wiki** - making things through collaboratively making wikis - the way to go [fed.wiki.org](http://fed.wiki.org) [fedwiki.org](http://fedwiki.org) [about.fed.wiki](http://about.fed.wiki) [hello.ward.bay.wiki.org](http://hello.ward.bay.wiki.org) [future.fedwiki.org](http://future.fedwiki.org) [code.fed.wiki](http://code.fed.wiki) [proto.institute](http://proto.institute)