journal reflections

Here we put occasional journal reflections. Also arbitrary odds & ends of found stuff, for fun, for serendipity, for the piss-and-vinegar of it.

**Odds & ends**

- Are all those trees definitely dead? - Fire damage in the Blue Mountains, 2020: Mike Macgirvin in Mastodon

- Knock on wood Part two - An extract from Richard Brautigan, *Trout fishing in America* (1961/1967). A starcase Portland, Oregon.

From Ward Cunningham's bike-based explorations of Portland, Oregon. Creeks. Benches. Trees. And some landscape pattern language . .

Parks have park benches, no surprise. But when I encounter an unexpected bench or a bench with a great view then I include it in my pictures. gallery

Hyperland is a documentary written by Douglas Adams for BBC Two in 1990. It provides an introduction to hypertext, and the associated technologies. It should be considered a visionary work, pre-dating publicly available software by about a year.