Regenerate Earth

There are now 7.4 billion of us on this finite planet. There may be 10 billion by mid-century. The size and well-being of our future world population will be governed by their access to adequate water and food, which can only be provided by healthy bio-systems—the same bio-systems that provide the stable hydrology, weather, economies and societies we depend on.

How the future plays out will depend on how well we understand, respect and regenerate the natural processes governing these bio-systems, which also govern our climate, health, social equity and stability.

Pedogenesis -- its underpinning of terrestrial life and our future—and now our only means to regenerate bio-systems and safely cool the planet.

Oxidation Sequestration Ratio -- How we manage the carbon oxidation versus drawdown rates in our soil also has consequences.

Inescapable Global Reality -- Recognized or not, the imperatives for the next decade matter.

Our Global Solution -- Hopeful, yet last chance.

Implementing -- these carbon draw down and regeneration outcomes.

Policy Incentives -- to catalyse these regeneration outcomes in time.

Summary -- There is only one process via which we can secure our safe climate and future.

More than ever our wellbeing, climate, and future lies in our soils, and in your hands. Thank you.