Mike Hales

Writer, culture hacker, designer-maker, anthropologist . . I'm from Venus, what is it you do round here? aka barefoot doc. Here's some story, some reflections, some back catalogue

About us . . - Activist in commoning and the Living Economy - Curator/steward in emotional commons - Theory-&-practice methodology nerd, pattern-language writer - Legacy-builder, 'radical professional', organic intellectual, libertarian socialist

Contact: susxanon AT icloud DOT com Location: Sussex, England - Retired from wage-work, thank goodness - Conducts projects as *Barefoot Documents* - Co-convenes *Making the Living Economy*, a project in celebration of radical economist, Robin Murray. See **foprop projects** - Building a pattern language for activist life, in peer-to-peer commoning - Assembling work as *Living thinkwork* vol.2: **Paths of skill**

Here I present some indications of what I'm up to - notably in federated wiki - and have done at other times.

This is the beginning of a work of narrative writing and map-making. It follows 1980's *Living Thinkwork* and maps the business of journeying towards a living economy . . on paths of skill, in the foothills of the future. It's the workspace for pattern-based, narrative writing and map-making on . . activist life, commoning, pattern language(ing), *formacion*, emotional commons and making the living economy.

This wiki contains a draft chapter for a book in honour of economist Robin Murray. The draft is 30k+ words, in five main sections with a short intro and coda. It includes thinking on the structure and principles of a 'college of conviviality' and a pattern language of activist practice.

**foprop** = forces of production, relations of production. The project has five streams of work in progress, oriented to the conduct of a transformational **activist life**, and making **a Living Economy** of **P2P-commons**.

Guidance and collaborators.

What we do and share here . . - biography - back-catalogue published books, published articles - journal reflections - to be added - working notes - on a whole bunch of stuff - blogging - just occasionally

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